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  • 4th Dimension Training Consultants is a

    Training Consultancy

    dedicated to the advancement of individuals and the imparting of knowledge.

  • We pride ourselves in

    Organic Growth

    and fast progression policy due to continued product and geographical growth.

  • We strive to

    Enhance, Uplift & Improve

    the quality of our learning programs to maintain our commitment of always: Developing and Enhancing the Learner.


4th Dimension Training Consultants (Pty) Ltd was established in November 2005. The consultancy has the following divisions:

  • Training Consultancy which provides training to trainee clerks in Accounting and Auditing firms in line with the Periodic Review (PR) and Development Needs Analysis (DNA) as prescribed by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)

  • Accounting Technician Qualification AT(SA)

  • Investments – 4Th Dimension Investment CC

  • The consultancy also provides expert tax advice to businesses & individuals (Tax Consultancy)

4th Dimension has been accredited as a training and assessment provider for the Accounting Technicians AT(SA) qualification in South Africa.

The company was allocated training for municipalities in Kwa-Zulu Natal for the Local Government Accounting Certificate (LGAC) and in the Western Cape for the Public Sector Accounting Qualification (PSAQ).

Our Aim

Is to provide first class business information which enables clients to sustain a valuable competitive advantage and makes a positive contribution to their success. This incorporates providing a wide range of training services aimed at promoting SMME businesses and contributing to the development of the economy in South Africa.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the information and insight they need to sustain a valuable and competitive advantage. To bridge the gap between the theory learnt at University and the practical application of such theory.

Our Vision

We will enable our people to produce innovative, inspirational and indispensable products and services that will be actively sought by our clients. We will be respected and admired for the way we work and be seen by everyone (clients and staff) to have made a tangible and positive contribution to their success in business. We strive to enhance, uplift and continuously improve the quality of our learning programs to maintain our commitment of always: Developing and Enhancing the Learner.


Our Values

  • Quality:
    We can be relied on by our clients to provide the quality and service they demand

  • Proactive:
    We actively encourage people to see things and do things differently

  • Energy:
    A positive attitude will be at the centre of our can-do culture

  • Success:
    We value and reward success.

  • Continuous Improvement:
    We will maintain a passion for continuously improving our process, products and services