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We are proud to announce that we now offer an online B-BBEE scorecard application service.

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B-BBEE Verification Services

The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practice was gazetted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on 9 February 2007. The Codes promote transformation through empowerment.

B-BBEE compliance has currently been driven by the element of Preferential Procurement, making it mandatory for organizations wanting to do business with government and related enterprises.

B-BBEE Verification services allow organizations to be independently assessed on their compliance effort through:

Direct Empowerment: Ownership, Management Control

Human Resources Development: Employment Equity, Skills Development

Indirect Empowerment: Enterprise Development, Socio-economic Development

We offer verification services for:

Large Enterprises
Full compliance of all seven fields of the generic B-BBEE scorecard is required for large organizations with an annual turnover of R35million or more.

Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’s)
With an annual turnover between R5 million and R35 million receive some leniency in compliance by selection of four of the seven fields on the QSE scorecard.

Exempted Micro Enterprises (EME’s)
with an annual turnover of less than R5 million are given an automatic exempted status of Level 4 (Level 3 if more than 50% black-owned).

4th Dimension offers a professional, impartial, confidential and reliable verification service.


Why does my company need to go through the rating process?
A B-BBEE verification certificate is the best business tool that gives your company a recognisable, accurate and verifiable B-BBEE status to competitively position yourself in government tenders and other business pitches. Not only does the B-BBEE certificate look good in your company profile, it is a communique to other companies that your company is committed to transformation, growth and development of the South African economy and its people.

I am a black-owned company, why do I need to be rated?
A B-BBEE certificate will give your company an accurate, verifiable and recognisable B-BBEE status. It informs other companies that your company is a verifiable black-owned company. But B-BBEE is more than ownership, it is about empowerment. Empowerment is giving recognition to equity (the employment of women and the disabled) and social responsibility, empowering your employees through skills development, empowering other companies through enterprise development, developing strategies to be more competitive -essentially companies want to do business with other companies who are not just black-owned in name only but who are actively committed to the transformation, growth and development of this country.

I’ve received several letters from other companies requesting my company’s B-BBEE status. Why do they need this information?
The field of Preferential Procurement is the current driver of B-BBEE compliance and the transformation process in South Africa. Not only has government and government-related enterprises insisted on a company’s B-BBEE status for tenders but has adopted procurement policies in all its business activities, putting its weight behind B-BBEE compliance and empowerment. Companies want and need to do business with other companies who are B-BBEE compliant to empower their own B-BBEE status. In short, your company’s B-BBEE status has a positive flow-through impact on other companies that you do business with. They can use your B-BBEE status to help boost their own B-BBEE status.

Do EME's need to be rated?
Although EME's are given an automatic Level 4 status (Level 3 if 50% black-owned), they can be independently rated to improve and provide a more accurate and verifiable B-BBEE status, giving an EME the competitive edge. They need to provide proof of their exemption.

How often does my company need to be rated?
The B-BBEE certificate is valid for one year only therefore companies need to be verified annually. An annual rating process assists companies in meeting B-BBEE strategy targets and improving their B-BBEE status to become more competitive. The advantage of using the same company (if satisfied with the service) to do the rating service annually is that a relationship has already been developed so it is time-saving and thus cost effective.

What are the advantages of having a verifiable B-BBEE rating?
• Repeatedly we have emphasized the importance of an accurate, recognisable and verifiable B-BBEE rating certificate that your company can use with confidence in its business transactions.
• An accurate, recognisable and verifiable B-BBEE certificate will give your company that competitive advantage in marketing campaigns, government tenders and other business tenders.
• Your company's status has a cascading effect on the rating of other companies that you do business with. Therefore Preferential Procurement is macro and micro companies indicating their preference to do business with companies who have an accurate and verifiable B-BBEE status that will positively impact on their own status.
• The B-BBEE rating process can assist your company in identifying and developing skills in human resources (optimum utilization of your company's skills levy).
• Keeping abreast with market developments and government legislation.

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